This is a demo store, you can preorder the real DockPlus over at


How much does Dock+ weigh? 850 grams or 30 ounces. That's almost as heavy as two full bottles of beer. This thing is heavy! Steel is 3.6x more dense than Aluminum, which allows Dock+ to be small and low profile, yet surprisingly heavy. 

One of the Dock+ creators works for Google. Is Dock+ in any way affiliated or supported by Google? No. Dock+ is not affiliated with or endorsed by Google.

How will you ship? Fedex? USPS? Domestic shipments will likely go UPS ground. International shipments will likely ship via Fedex International Economy, which unlike USPS, includes a tracking number so you know when you’ll receive your Dock+ in the mail.

Do you make Dock+ for iPhone 4 and 4s? Unfortunately, there wasn't enough demand for the 30-pin variant of Dock+, so we won't be making it. Hopefully you'll find Dock+ useful for all your new Apple Lightning devices, including iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPad 4 and iPod 4.

Does Dock+ support my iPhone 5 case? Yes. Dock+ is designed to work with cases. Each Dock+ ships with 2 soft rubber pads of different thickness. Choose the one that gives you the desired feel for your device, or remove the pad completely for very thick cases like the Otterbox™ Defender.